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Lessons Learned publishing Kindle fiction, going from 0 fiction income to over 66000 in under 10 months


​Davids Martin has been in the self-publishing game for a long time. But the past 10 months have seen an explosion in his Kindle profits.

Less than a year ago he ventured into short-read fiction publishing direct to Kindle and since that time has gone from zero income from fiction to over 66K. He has published 70 fiction books and counting!

In the report he just released, called Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches, he shares the details of how he has done this.

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The report covers everything from genre choice, to hiring Ghostwriters to building your author email lists.

David’s simple Facebook ad strategy is also laid out in full, and thankfully it is not rocket science.

Rarely do you see the processes of successful Kindle publishers laid out so simply and so clearly.

These are not just fly-by-night techniques. Everything you will find in the ‘In The Trenches’ report is tried, tested and ready for action. Not just a bunch of theories, these are real world evergreen strategies for your growing publishing business.

​Right now the report is locked and loaded at just $17 (the price is good just for this launch week)

If Kindle is your thing I highly recommend you take a look:

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